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Education First

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Here's to an exciting new school year for your child. Time to get organized, getting routines back on track, creating chore charts with the kids, calendars are back on the fridge with all school events and activities... lets get ready together to structure that busy family life as best as we can 

A child's Need

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As the season changes so does your child's needs . Time to turn over the wardrobe from summer to fall. skin and hair care needs will change because of the weather. Here are some great tips ...

SAD and your child 

As parents we are fully aware of our child's needs on a day to day basis . Here are some tips to help observe any change in our child's mood during the fall to winter seasons. 

According to some research done through www.kidshealth.org and reviewed by D'Arcy Lyness, PhD " A form of depression that follows a seasonal pattern , SAD appears and disappears at the same times each year. People with SAD usually have symptoms of depression as winter approaches and daylight hours become shorter. When spring returns and the days become longer again, they experience relief from the symptoms and a return to a normal mood and energy level. "

SAD "Seasonal Affective Disorder  generally may short some signs and symptoms in kids and young teens. Studies show that females have four times higher rate than males to develop SAD. 

Some simple tips to help your child and its a must to participate in this experience with them:

- See your doctor with your child

-If SAD  symptoms are the cause of depression look up as much importation and talk to your child. At this age they are more than capable to understand this information and your interest and open discussion helps 

-Find quality time as a family and try and get involved in activities together or encourage as much outdoor and activities with your child . This would be helpful to your a your child 

-Take this seriously because its a very easy slope to fall deep into and as we all know depression can mask in various unhealthy forms when trying to cope with fully understanding the cause 

- As a teen you can share your own experience with any form of depression you may of had or someone you may know . Its great to have boundaries as parents with your children and necessary , but when getting into teen years shared knowledge to show your empathy with the observations you have seen your child experiencing shows a very "human" , relatable side that opens up a healthy dialogue . However make sure you tailor the information as simply as possible . This isn't about you and your problems , now speaking to your child about YOU . Don't give an added burden of pain and guilt with your life unto your child . The idea here is to share in and understanding and relatable .

The understanding that there is no shame in feeling depressed and SAD maybe the reason ( if it observed and confirmed by a specialist ) This is not a pride moment . Or a moment of " be a man " or ' there's bigger problems in the world moment " This is I AM LISTENING MOMENT 

- Most importantly be patient with your child .






Family Activities


Taking the pressure out of planning the winter months, holidays and family events. time to sit down as parents and work on a firm or flexible schedule together ( without the kids ) and come to some kind of fair arrangement . 

The next step to planning depends on the age of the child and how much a part of the planning they should be involved in .

Positive Young Adults

positive young people, achievement's, celebrating , positive images

Celebrating positive young people making a difference for themselves and or in the community . Sharing positive images 

The reasons for Seasons


Winter Wonderland months can be hard at times. Here are a few tips to help cope with the winter blues 

Supporting great Businesses

There's a great family business called PUZZLE HUDDLE . Visit them at www.puzzlehuddle.com

Couldn't wait to share this new company called PUZZLE HUDDLE . This wonderful husband and wife duo created puzzles, coloring books that  are reflective images that show diversity . Check them out at www.puzzlehuddle.com 

Every week we will be featuring businesses we need  to support to help further develop our community , culture and diversity . These small or growing business represents a healthy growth within our culture that are spreading the joy and happiness in which our families and children need. Most importantly it paves the way for the next generations to know they too can build and have success in their endeavour's 

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